Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tenth Anniversary of 9/11

Sermon Preached at St. John the Divine, Houston

Philippe came to see Guy Tozzoli, President of the of the World Trade Center Association, day after day. He said he wanted to do a story about the World Trade Center as a French Journalist.

Yet, Philippe kept asking Guy how the buildings move in the wind. Guy told him the buildings oscillate like snakes. Philippe also wanted to know how far apart are the buildings were.

The reason for this was that Philippe Petit is French but he is a performance artist and his goal on August 7, 1974 was to walk a tight rope between the two twin towers of the World Trade Center.

Step by step he would make his way to the other side. He traveled the 1,350 feet six or eight times.

When asked what it was like to walk across, he said he could hear the sounds of the city floating upwards. He could hear people, cars, boats and police. He could feel the wind, and the buildings move. But he remembers that first step.

He says, “I had to make a decision from one foot anchored on the building to one foot anchored on the wire.” He remembers thinking, “This is the end of my life.” Then he was resolved and with clarity he took his first steps. He knew he must go. He says, “I was pulled forward … and death is very close.” [read all]

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